Dr. Nyman teaches a variety of classes in international relations and comparative politics. Her course syllabi can be found below.

Courses Taught at Texas A&M University Galveston:

MAST 441: Maritime Piracy [syllabus]

POLS 206: American National Government [syllabus]

POLS 347: Politics of Energy and the Environment [syllabus]

Courses Taught at UL Lafayette:

POLS 220: World Politics [syllabus]

POLS 260/360: International Politics [syllabus]

POLS 364: International Security and Conflict [syllabus]

POLS 390: International Law [syllabus]

POLS 390: Oceans, Islands, and Pirates [syllabus]

POLS 390: Human Rights [syllabus]

POLS 425: Middle Eastern Politics [syllabus]

POLS 467: Ethics in International Politics [syllabus]


Courses Taught at Other Universities:

INTS 2130: Introduction to International Studies (Georgia Southern University) [syllabus]

INR 3603: Theories of International Relations (Florida State University) [syllabus]