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Hannes Gerhardt, Philip E. Steinberg, and Jeremy Tasch, with Adam Keul and Elizabeth Nyman. 2015. Contesting the Arctic: Politics and Imaginaries in the Circumpolar North. London: IB Tauris.

Research Articles

Nyman, Elizabeth and Ryan Lee Teten. 2018. “Lost and Found and Lost Again: Island Utopias and Dystopias in the BioShock Series.” Games and Culture 13(4): 370-384.

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Tiller, Rachel and Elizabeth Nyman. 2017. “The Clear and Present Danger to the Norwegian Sovereignty of the Svalbard Fisheries Protection Zone: Enter the Snow Crab.” Ocean and Coastal Management 137: 24-33.

Tiller, Rachel and Elizabeth Nyman. 2015. “Having the Cake and Eating It Too: Fisheries Management Cooperation between Norway and Russia in the Svalbard Fisheries Protection Zone as an Institutionalization Tool,” Marine Policy 60: 141-148.

Nyman, Elizabeth. 2015. “Offshore oil development and maritime conflict in the 20th century: A statistical analysis of international trends.” Energy Research and Social Science 6(1): 1-7. (Featured in the Washington Post in November 2014.)

Nemeth, Stephen C., Sara McLaughlin Mitchell, Elizabeth Nyman and Paul R. Hensel. 2014. “Ruling the Sea: Managing Maritime Conflicts through UNCLOS and Exclusive Economic Zones.” International Interactions 40(5): 711-736.

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Steinberg, Philip E., Elizabeth Nyman, and Mauro J. Caraccioli. 2012. “Atlas Swam: Freedom, Capital, and Floating Sovereignties in the Seasteading Vision.” Antipode 44(4): 1532-1550.

Nyman, Elizabeth. 2011. “Modern Piracy and the Law of the Sea.” Geography Compass 5(11): 863-874.

Other Publications

Nyman, Elizabeth. 2017. “Contemporary Antarctic Security Concerns,” in Handbook on the Politics of the Antarctic, eds. Alan Hemmings, Klaus Dodds and Peder Roberts. Advance contract with Edward Elgar Publishing.

Steinberg, Philip E., Elizabeth Nyman and Mauro J. Caraccioli. 2014. Reprint of “Atlas Swam: Freedom, Capital, and Floating Sovereignties in the Seasteading Vision,” in Alternative Worlds: Blue Sky Thinking Since 1900, eds. Ricarda Vidal and Ingo Cornils. New York: Peter Lang Publishing.

Nyman, Elizabeth. 2012. “Understanding the Arctic: Three Popular Media Views on the North.” Political Geography 31(6): 399-401.

Academic Reviews and Editing

Dr. Nyman also enjoys reviewing and editing monographs and textbooks in political science, comparative politics, and international relations. She has done work for Oxford University Press, CQ Press, and Pearson, as well as freelance work with individual monographs and dissertations. She is always open to hearing from publishers and colleagues for additional opportunities on this front.

Non-Academic Writing

Dr. Nyman also wrote a series of blog posts for the NOAA Teacher at Sea program in 2013. This blog can be found here.